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A. Kazačkovs un partneri, attorneys at law

We live in the world of continuously competing viewpoints and thoughts. The never ending competition of who is right. We believe that there is only one truth. Like one law. We should strive for the truth. This is our duty, our job, our vision of the order of things. The order characterizing our work, our clients, our results.

Who we are

«A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office is providing advisory services to their clients — individuals and corporate clients — consulting on various aspects of commercial law.

We believe in the need of proper order of things — in the state, with the clients, within ourselves. We see our mission in putting things in order.

«A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office was established in 2007. Partners and lawyers of the office are experienced in consulting on company merger and acquisition, rendering legal service in sophisticated insolvency cases, and default of liabilities. Competence in these fields lies at the basis of trust on the part of our clients and the willingness to expand the range of cooperation. That is why the partners and lawyers of the office pooled their experience, competence and understanding of professional service standards to set up one office.

Our aim when doing it was to use the collective knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to provide to the clients a result-oriented service, creating peace of mind.

We believe that following the professional standards is compulsory and we keep the standards high in our office, namely:

Expert examination

We make a careful and detailed analysis of the cases entrusted to us — a due diligence study made by the experts of our office and the consultants attracted to the particular case.

We are convinced that an in-depth analysis of the client’s case ensures coming to the result that is favorable to the client. Expert examination implies a careful attention to our clients, a typical feature of our performance.


Clients’ trust is the basis for mutually beneficial cooperation. Trust inspires us and our devotion to work.

Status of adviser

We establish relationship with clients on a long-term basis, becoming advisers in the legal management of corporate and private matters.

We are partners to our clients in order to promote their commercial activities and enhance their performance.

We establish relationship with clients on advisory basis — supporting and representing their interests and creating the added value to their daily activities.

Our people

Aleksandrs Kazachkovs, senior partner

Aleksandrs Kazachkovs is the senior partner at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. With over 15 years of legal practice expertise, he has successfully led a number of insolvency processes and litigations.

Aleksandrs Kazachkovs is a member and a Head of Scheme Committee of the Latvian Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Process and a member and a Head of Legislative Commission of Latvian Bar Association. Aleksandrs Kazachkovs is a certified mediator, an arbitrator in arbitration courts in Latvia and a certified administrator of insolvency processes.

His fields of expertise are also due diligence, M& A, real estate, banking, restructuring, transportation, litigation and arbitration.

In 2014, Aleksandrs Kazachkovs was elected to the Disciplinary Commission of the Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates.

Mareks Diks, managing partner

Mareks Diks, Attorney at Law is a managing partner at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law and is a certified administrator of insolvency processes, being a member of the Latvian Association of Certified Administrators of Insolvency Process. He is also an arbitrator of Latvian Arbitration Court.

Before becoming an attorney in 2008, Mareks Diks worked as a lawyer at the Latvian State Agency of Insolvency Administration for 9 years.

Mareks’ practice includes administration of insolvency processes, real estate transactions, commercial and civil law.

In 2014, Mareks Diks was elected to the Board of the Latvian Association of Certified Insolvency administrators.

Agne Upīte, partner

Agne Upīte is a partner at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. As Attorney at Law, she has been a member of the Latvian Bar Association since 2007. Agne Upīte serves as an arbitrator in a number of arbitration courts in Latvia. She also is a certified mediator.

Her areas of practice cover family law, legal services for business, real estate transactions, litigation and arbitration.

Gita Oškāja, partner

Gita Oškāja, Attorney at Law is a partner at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. She holds two Master of Laws degrees from Riga Graduate School of Law and University of Latvia. She also is a certified mediator and a licensed personal data protection specialist.

Since 2004, she has provided legal expertise to largest trade unions in Latvia, such as Latvian Railway and Transport Industry Trade Union.

Gita’s fields of competence include employment and labor law, personal data protection, contract law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and dispute resolution.

Māris Bertmanis, senior associate

Maris Bertmanis is a Senior Associate at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. As Attorney at Law, he has been a member of the Latvian Bar Association since 2012. Maris Bertmanis holds Master of Laws degree from Police Academy of Latvia, and is also a certified administrator of insolvency processes and a certified mediator.

His areas of practice cover public procurement, insolvency and bankruptcy, corporate law, real estate transactions, litigation and arbitration.

Galina Radiloveca, attorney at law

Galina Radiloveca is an attorney at law, a certified mediator and an arbitrator at «A. Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office.

Galina Radiloveca has been providing the legal counsel for over 10 years now. Her main areas of expertise cover the provision of assistance to various kinds of business deals, mergers, takeovers and restructuring of state and private enterprises, development of real estate projects, debt collection, insurance law, immigration law, family law, legal proceedings and arbitrage.

Igors Freimanis, associate

Igors Freimanis is an Associate at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office. He is currently studying Law at University of Latvia.

Before joining the Law office, Igors had experience in court and the police.

Our clients

Our relationship with clients may be characterized as mutual trust and confidence.

Confidence lies at the basis of our cooperation for us to be able to defend and represent our clients’ interests in the best possible way. We highly appreciate the confidence that our clients place in us and our competence in defending their interests, and that is why we feel the necessity to abide by the rules of confidentiality concerning our cooperation with clients and its substance.

It is a binding principle for us when starting the cooperation and when handling individual cases. Confidentiality that maintains and enhances this confidence is above the case we deal with.

In our opinion, the principle of confidentiality has no limitation period. That is also true that we do not put any constraints upon our clients giving information about our services and performance.

We ourselves avoid and do not recommend our clients to publicize the legal aspects of activities — refraining from mentioning specific cases and clients is our advantage for establishing a long-term cooperation with the prospective clients.

Our practice

«A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office have has the necessary expertise in the following spheres:

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We are experienced in management and administration of insolvency and bankruptcy processes. The certified administrators of insolvency processes at «A.Kazačkovs un partneri» Law office are duly experienced in dealing with complicated insolvency cases to manage and administrate this process.

Legal study and analysis

When starting cooperation with a client we strongly recommend making an in-depth legal analysis of the company in order to understand better the essence and nature of the case and come jointly to the most appropriate solution. Legal study is particularly necessary in cases of due diligence, which is a prerequisite for mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial law

This sphere covers a wide range of legal matters starting with the development of a company management model, founding and registration of a commercial company up to employment legal relationship.

We consult our clients on company management, draft binding agreements and assist our clients in negotiations and transactions.

Accounts receivable recovery

We believe that complying with regulatory enactments and procedures forms a strong basis for providing recovery of accounts receivable in the most efficient way, namely, in a reasonable period of time and in due course. Experience accumulated by our staff enriches our knowledge that manifests in the performance and good results of our clients.

Mergers and acquisitions of companies (M&A)

Business environment per se is in constant development where transactions on mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies represent the way of strengthening the presence and influence in the market. The process is full of contingencies and risks. We consider that due diligence and proficient application of legislation foster achieving the best short-term and long-term commercial results.

Our knowledge of M&A has created confidence that we are able help a client to come to the most beneficial results and avoid the short-term and long-term risks.

Representation at courts and arbitration courts

Legal proceedings and going to arbitration court is the last resort to turn to; that is why we establish long-term relationship with clients to avoid coming to such state of affairs. However, any legal proceedings are managed on professional basis by establishing a dialogue in the client’s interests with carefully chosen precise arguments.

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